Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ingin' the Ooh

Some days I just feel like hiding.  No reason.  Nothing's wrong.  Just want to hole up somewhere with a good book and no responsibilities.  And maybe my laptop.  And wireless, of course.  Music I like.  Food readily available.  A phone to which nobody has the number.  Family around, but totally preoccupied with anything that doesn't involve me.
Feelings like this make getting older sooo much more attractive. :)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Best Mom of All!

Happy Mothers' Day!  I want the same thing every year: a clean house and good kids.  I usually get it, too.  Well, not always, but this year was a good one and here's the run-down (or maybe it's the run-UP since I'm starting with the youngest):

Eden made me a card which was presented to me at a Primary Mothers Breakfast on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the Primary cards had been stacked before they were dry and Eden's had paper stuck to it.  Crud.  Fortunately, however, Eden decided to make a new card which I like better than the first one--especially the message inside.  The first one said "Happy Mothers' Day" and then inside "I hope you have a great day! Eden."  Nice enough, but just a tad impersonal.

Here's the new card and on the inside, in cheery yellow, it says "You're the best mom of all moms because you're my mom!  Love, Eden."   I love it!

Ezra made me a pig--what more is there to say?  He knows I love this kind of quirky gift--especially from him! :)

Kaitlyn made a proclamation on FB, arranged some flowers and greenery, and made a card as well listing reasons she loves me.  Here's an excerpt:
"And then the next I'm ashamed to say
Is that in almost every day
Whenever I fall or stub my toe
I scream real loud so you will know
The reason for this I'll tell you now
Is 'cause I get a kick out of the way you worry.
And when you cry, sweat, or weep for me
That just makes my whole day, seriously"

Ahhh--a masterful manipulation.  Ain't love grand?

Sam gave me a hug which is my favorite gift right after a clean house and good kids.

From Levi I received a phone call which is my favorite absentee gift next to a video chat (which I hope to get from Mal, Michael, and Madie tomorrow--maybe from Jacob and Alexa too!  Alexa called today, and posted on FB, but she's not getting off the hook until I hear her voice!  That would be great.).  I love what is happening in Levi's life right now and frankly, no other gift can compare.  There's nothing like seeing your prayers for your children answered in their lives.

Casey and the kids worked together to make a wonderful meal and guess what?  It was soooo delicious that I couldn't find anything wrong with it or even come up with any suggestions for improvement!!!  Now you know that had to be good!!

I know the scriptures say that eternal life is the greatest of all the gifts of God, so mothers must be second, but whenever I do anything that is especially kind, friendly, helpful, active, faithful, thoughtful, loyal, dedicated, or a myriad of other wonderful ways to be, I think of my mother.

Happy Mothers' Day Mom--you're the best mom of all moms because you're MY mom!