Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I got everything done I had to do today:  I made fish chowder, enough to send some down to a friend who just had a baby and feed my own family dinner, bought candy, an egg-coloring kit, and the ham for Easter dinner which is now thawing in the fridge, made the carrot cake for the bunny cake and have it in the freezer, I ran errands, balanced the checkbook, spent an hour visiting on the phone with Levi, worked with the kids, took Casey to the airport, started a new book, and took a 15 minute nap.  I thought about doing the dishes--just a thought.  Just for the record, I dyed eggs this year using pieces of old silk neckties (see the finished product above--I think they would have been brighter if I had left them for the 40 minutes instead of 20), but the kit is for Eden to use while I'm gone.  I also watched a video of Madie saying "nanana" about 10 times :)

However, I have not done everything I should have done today:  I did not have scripture reading; did not make my bed; did not assign anyone to wash the dog and cat--or do dishes; forgot to invite my neighbors to Easter dinner (easy fix); did not exercise (but DID chow down on chocolate-covered almonds and raisins).

And tomorrow I go to Guam to be with my honey for a few days. :D

Friday, April 08, 2011

...and MORE changes...

I wanna play tooooooo!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Time for a Change

Here's the thing...we've lived here 10 years.  When we first came the landlord had these blue/white/pinky drapes that I didn't want because 1- they were blue/white/pinky, and 2- because of this:

which is The View from the living room
 and the dining room. 

I didn't want to cover up The View!  However, I also had the noise.  Oh, the noise, noise, noise!  Marble-tiled floors, concrete walls--aye-yi-yi! 

 I've stood it for 10 years, but now as our house settles into less kids and more contemplation (?!) I want a more muted sound.  A year or so ago we got a bigger area rug for the living room and I think we're just about ready for a rug under the dining table (no more spilled jars of pickles, etc.), but I just don't know what to do about the windows. At one time I did put up some curtains and when I think about those curtains now--they were gross.   Maybe I've just gone so long with naked windows that I can't picture them with clothes.

I'm open to suggestions...