Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Casey's Advice to The Romantically Inept Male

The conversation in our home on Valentine's Eve went something like this:
Sam: "I really like her, but she doesn't like me 'in that way'."
Jake: "Well, mine knows I like her, but she's so pretty she makes me nervous."
Sam: "Yeah, I want to give her a valentine, but I don't know what to do."
Jake: "Yeah, me too."
Casey: "You need to suffer. Women want to know that the man has suffered."
Sam and Jake: "Huh?"
Casey: "The more suffering the better. Women like that. Men don't care--they're easy--but women want you to suffer."
MariLou: "What are you talking about?"
Casey: "It's true. You've gotten flowers before--what was your favorite time?"
MariLou: "The Mother's Day after we moved here. Levi took the kids out and they picked a huge bouquet along the sides of the road before I got home."
Casey: "See? They walked, they picked, they sweated...suffering."
MariLou: "Mmmm..."
Casey: "And if your finger gets pricked when you're picking those flowers, make sure you squeeze a little blood onto your hand-made card. Women love the idea that you went through physical pain and inconvenience. And if you have to crawl through the jungle and twist your ankle in a chuck hole that would be even better."
Sam: "So I should make a card? I don't know what to do."
Jake: "I gotta go out and pick flowers? It's dark--I can't see."
Casey: "Yeah, that's perfect. You struggle and stumble around in the dark--I'm telling you they love that."
MariLou: "I guess you're right--there's something so sweet about a guy standing in front of you with flowers he picked and a card he made."
Casey: "(the see-what-I-mean look)"
MariLou: "Of course, the other guys won't like you because all the girls will think you're so sweet and want them to do something like that."
Sam and Jake: Busily cutting, pasting, writing...

Well, they didn't get to bed until almost midnight and then had to be up at 5:15 A.M. for Seminary class. Mission Valentine was successful--they both got a "You are so sweet!" and a hug. Must've been the bloodshot eyes. . . .

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun in the Sun

One of the hotels here is adding a water park and Del was hired to do some promo shots. He called us and some of the others in the branch because he wanted kids in brightly colored swimsuits. If you look closely at the pictures you may see Jacob, Kaitlyn, Ezra, or Eden floating by.

The water park isn't open for business yet, but it ran that day for the photos and the kids had a ball as you can see. Tough duty!

The Amazon.

The big splash.

Floating down the Amazon.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Bit of Broadway

Actually, we called it "BoB" for short. We have a very active community theater group here on Saipan and I recently auditioned for a part in "You Can't Take It With You." Somehow from that I ended up in their 25th anniversary show, which was staged as an audition and included bits and parts from shows they've done in the past. It was fun, got me out of my comfort zone, and I actually know some people outside of my church by name now!

Three women and three men sang "September Song" from "Knickerbocker Holiday". I'd never heard of it before.

The cute girl beside me is one of my Seminary students, as is the girl sitting on the floor on my other side. The one in the skirt is a "special" friend of Jacob's...

The "Honey Bun" scene from "South Pacific". The crazy guy "accidentally" dropped his grass skirt on purpose.

"Tradition"--Casey said, "You looked so...so..." "Eastern European?" "Yes!" Hmmm...I wonder why...

"There's No Business Like Show Business!" Finally--a picture of me with my mouth open that is NOT food-related!