Monday, March 19, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

I was about to change my benchmark photo to spring when I realized that I wasn't sure if it was spring yet. Coming from Maine, I know that the "official" first day of spring as it is on the calendar means nothing. Growing up, we were looking for the first robin or the yellow-green shoots of crocuses pushing up through the last of the snow. I don't know how everyone else tells, but let me know when it's spring!

The Funny Papers

I haven't been writing much here lately, but I wanted to take a minute to share this. A local ophthalmologist writes occasionally for one of the island newspapers and I always enjoy his articles. This one nails a situation that many of us find ourselves in here. Too funny. It's copyrighted, so you'll have to use the link--it's worth a few minutes. It's entitled, "The relationship between moral health and a blind wife".

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Hokay. My daughter and fellow-blogger has been getting on me about not posting, so I'm making amends.

I was off-island from the end of January until the first Sunday of March. I went home to say good-bye to my father, who died on February 1. I feel so blessed to have been able to be there for those few days with him before he left us and also for the time I was able to spend with my mother.

On the last weekend of February, I went out west to visit Mal. That was fun, but man! Talk about opposition in all things! Going from a month with my mother in her senior citizens housing to a coed apartment in a college town! Whew!

One thing (among many) that I really enjoyed while out west was visiting with two of the missionaries that had served on Saipan. That was great! It was so fun to meet all of Mal's friends and put faces with the names I've heard so much about. It's a good group.

Before I went out, she called and asked me to bring a Scrabble game (honestly now, is "meh" really a word?), Maine maple syrup, and a jar of marshmallow fluff. (If you haven't already, check out this entry on how to make a fluffernutter that she's put on her blog--I took the photos:))