Friday, June 29, 2007

Off to Managaha

We're going camping tonight on Managaha, a small island in the lagoon. It's only used for recreational activities--no houses, cars, etc. It's fun and the kids really love it. It's not unusual to be the only overnighters on the island and the last boat leaves at 4 P.M. so we're alone until the first boat comes out a 9 the next morning. Tonight the students and chaperones from our school will be there along with participants in a summer program with Beautify CNMI!, so it won't be quite as quiet as it normally is! With a full moon like we'll have tonight you don't even need a flashlight. The kids often like to sleep on the big beach with all the crabs scurrying around. It's nice--well, actually it's wonderful...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be Earth Tankards

I must say that this has been an exceptionally good year for birthday cards, so I thought I would share a few.
From The Browns:
Deers Is Turk Honor,
Have Bees Birds Yay!!
Goo Lock Quit Oat Estimate Thee Shear!
Dangs Foe Yo Rex Ample Ann Hot Spit Al Hit Tea.
Wheel Of View Fair Ream Hutch.
Rub Dub Rounds
From Ed and Susan:
It has been my honor to:
meet you,
greet you,
treat you,
Lo these many months.
I wish you:
No Fears!!
All Clears!!
To all those near and dear.
Age gracefully!
I'm tryin' Susan, I'm tryin'.
From Dorothy (our Korean home-stay student):
(on the front is a cut out of a hunky guy in swim shorts (!))
(Inside, pop-up kids holding "happy birthday" and her text:)
I love your delicious American foods.
Could you remember my Korean name?
I hope you will try many more Korean foods!
And I hope you can cook many Korean foods.
I always appreciate your kindness!!
Do you think she's trying to tell me something?
Here's my favorite. It's from Ez, who, as you can see, got his numbers a little mixed up. The original spelling has been retained:
Dear Mom,
I wish you hav a happy birthday!
Wow, 29 seems prity old, but still, it's your birthday!!
Love: Ezra
I love you too Ez.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Then The Little Red Hen Said...

It's mango season again and the tree at the Church is doing more than it's fair share despite the fact that it was cut way, waaaayy back. Too much. I was there yesterday and picked up a bunch of the best ones--not too bruised from falling to the ground--but the fruit flies found them this morning. Mango smoothies for breakfast! Yay!

Here are my helpers at peeling and slicing If you're interested in the mango smoothie recipe, check out Cookin' Up a Storm. Yummy!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm so haaaappy!!!
Ever since we've been in this house I have hated the diningroom chairs. The house was furnished when we took it and here we were, a family of 10, with glass tables and black upholstered chairs. Yuck.

They are horrible! They're loose and the supports have come undone. We've repaired them numerous times, but they are bent on being unmanageable. I've determined for some time now that I was going to get new chairs as soon as I could find some. Well, here on Saipan that's the kicker--finding something I like.

Anyway--Friday I went into a little shop here to buy placemats. They specialize in furniture imported mostly from Indonesia, so it's always fun to look around. While I was looking I came across these chairs that they've had in there for a while. They're mahogany chairs with caned seats and a pineapple carved into the back. I've always liked them, but I didn't want to spend the $160 each to buy them for my diningroom. Well, that day they were on sale for $50!!! And they had six! New diningroom chairs and a bargain to brag about to boot--which we all know makes them that much prettier! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LDS Prance

The LDS teens here organized a prom and it was quite a success--they had about 50 kids there (both LDS and non-LDS). I've heard from several people that they might try doing another one next year.

Hope you enjoy these "ready to go" pictures. Feel free to share your own captions.

Jake Depicts Man's Struggle to Grow Up

As he is so fond of reminding me...
"Sam's the Man--Oh Yeah."

The looks on their faces are soooo typical of their personalities! Jake has a "great idea" while Sam listens--skeptically. It makes me chuckle just to look at this.
Here on the island men rarely wear a suit coat even at church, so this was a completely new experience for them. It took some doing to sharpen these two up enough for the event (j/k), but I think they turned out pretty well. They both had dates for the evening. There were photo mementos, so I'll post them when we get them.