Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Casey's Advice to The Romantically Inept Male

The conversation in our home on Valentine's Eve went something like this:
Sam: "I really like her, but she doesn't like me 'in that way'."
Jake: "Well, mine knows I like her, but she's so pretty she makes me nervous."
Sam: "Yeah, I want to give her a valentine, but I don't know what to do."
Jake: "Yeah, me too."
Casey: "You need to suffer. Women want to know that the man has suffered."
Sam and Jake: "Huh?"
Casey: "The more suffering the better. Women like that. Men don't care--they're easy--but women want you to suffer."
MariLou: "What are you talking about?"
Casey: "It's true. You've gotten flowers before--what was your favorite time?"
MariLou: "The Mother's Day after we moved here. Levi took the kids out and they picked a huge bouquet along the sides of the road before I got home."
Casey: "See? They walked, they picked, they sweated...suffering."
MariLou: "Mmmm..."
Casey: "And if your finger gets pricked when you're picking those flowers, make sure you squeeze a little blood onto your hand-made card. Women love the idea that you went through physical pain and inconvenience. And if you have to crawl through the jungle and twist your ankle in a chuck hole that would be even better."
Sam: "So I should make a card? I don't know what to do."
Jake: "I gotta go out and pick flowers? It's dark--I can't see."
Casey: "Yeah, that's perfect. You struggle and stumble around in the dark--I'm telling you they love that."
MariLou: "I guess you're right--there's something so sweet about a guy standing in front of you with flowers he picked and a card he made."
Casey: "(the see-what-I-mean look)"
MariLou: "Of course, the other guys won't like you because all the girls will think you're so sweet and want them to do something like that."
Sam and Jake: Busily cutting, pasting, writing...

Well, they didn't get to bed until almost midnight and then had to be up at 5:15 A.M. for Seminary class. Mission Valentine was successful--they both got a "You are so sweet!" and a hug. Must've been the bloodshot eyes. . . .


Selena said...

Awww! That is so sweet! Oh those Conner boys- such charmers! Must run in the family!

Anonymous said...

My question is, who is the girl Sam likes? And, why is he not asking her out on DATES?!?!?!?!

Auntie Lee said...

Geees, Casey, Sometimes you sound so much like Shawn. Can't you picture him saying something like that?

Calandria said...

Zee mahn, he must suffuh to ween zee womahn's heart.