Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Walking with Eden

"Can I go? Please..."
"I don't need help. I walk fast. I can walk a long ways."
"C'mon Mom. Mom's slower than us, isn't she Dad?"
"A dead rat. Yuck."
"A dead toad. That's a toad, it's not a frog."
"I wish we could stop and visit the Steyskals."
"I wish we could stop and rest."
"I wanna stop and rest."
"I'm tired."
"My legs are killing me!"
"I want to to go see that dog."
"I wish I could go see that dog and pet him."

Ahhh...walking with Eden. I wish I could remember everything she said. We only walked about 1.5 miles, but coming back to the house is all uphill. She asks to go every morning and usually we tell her that we're walking for exercise so we're not going to take her because she'd get too tired. This morning we let her go along. I think I'm just going to forget the exercise...after all, a mile is a mile no matter how long it takes, but a little girl, well....


ave said...

I think I used to say similar things when I walked with my mother. I think children just want to be with their mothers, even if its just for a boring walk. Dosen't that make you feel good?

Auntie Lee said...

I think I use to say that to Casey when I was little. I remember Megan talking like that too. It is written so well, just like a little girl. I can picture Eden talking and walking.