Friday, December 29, 2006

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

We're having a party of course! We often celebrate New Year's Eve here at home with our family and friends. Our house sits fairly high up on a hill with two big picture windows that look out onto the deck, so it's ideal for shooting off fireworks at midnight. Many people here like to go to the top of Mount Tapochau to see the fireworks shot from the hotels, which is fairly convenient from here also.

Because New Year's Eve is a Sunday this year we'll be a little more structured--not quite as much of a free-for-all as usual--until the clock strikes 12 that is!

I don't usually ask questions here, but I'd be interested to hear if you have favorite yearly traditions or if you just go to bed.

What do you do on New Year's Eve?


Lee said...

The Dutch stay up all night and at midnight shoot-off a lot of fireworks even if its below freezing. They are allowed to buy them 3 days before new years and technically only allowed to shoot them off on the first of Jan. but already the teens are walking around the streets shooting the things off (including Paris and his friends) and they will continue for another week.
We usually just have the 4 of us in house and have a small cold buffet on midnight. We bring the rabbit in for an hour or so around midnight to keep him away from the loudest part. We have a friend whose dog went crazy on new years from the noise and it had to be put down. I guess it is a well known problem because a lot of people keep there animals in.
I personally think celebrating new years is a load of .......
It is not a religious holiday for western christians anyway and there is no historical significance in it. I think it is an excuse for a lot of people to get plastered. Unfortunately our kids want to do something because their friends are all going out partying so parents are forced to stay up late and keep them happy. I would much rather wait and go to Amsterdam and celebrate the Chineese new year a month later. At least they have a story behind it.

Calandria said...

Sometimes we have had friends over and play games. Most of the time we watch movies as a family until twelve and whoever is still awake then eats 12 grapes and makes 12 wishes for the New Year. The hispanic tradition is that you eat each grape on each tolling of the bells at midnight. We eat tamales too.

Lee said...

Boy, you had better hope the clock strikes slowly if you have to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth or look for small grapes. I think the tamales idea is a good one. Theres always time for tamales.

Tikla said...

We go to Conners party of course! ;) Thank you by the way! We really enjoyed ourselves (even though Bro. Conner set off all the fireworks before midnight!) We all love you and your family. Happy New Year!