Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be Earth Tankards

I must say that this has been an exceptionally good year for birthday cards, so I thought I would share a few.
From The Browns:
Deers Is Turk Honor,
Have Bees Birds Yay!!
Goo Lock Quit Oat Estimate Thee Shear!
Dangs Foe Yo Rex Ample Ann Hot Spit Al Hit Tea.
Wheel Of View Fair Ream Hutch.
Rub Dub Rounds
From Ed and Susan:
It has been my honor to:
meet you,
greet you,
treat you,
Lo these many months.
I wish you:
No Fears!!
All Clears!!
To all those near and dear.
Age gracefully!
I'm tryin' Susan, I'm tryin'.
From Dorothy (our Korean home-stay student):
(on the front is a cut out of a hunky guy in swim shorts (!))
(Inside, pop-up kids holding "happy birthday" and her text:)
I love your delicious American foods.
Could you remember my Korean name?
I hope you will try many more Korean foods!
And I hope you can cook many Korean foods.
I always appreciate your kindness!!
Do you think she's trying to tell me something?
Here's my favorite. It's from Ez, who, as you can see, got his numbers a little mixed up. The original spelling has been retained:
Dear Mom,
I wish you hav a happy birthday!
Wow, 29 seems prity old, but still, it's your birthday!!
Love: Ezra
I love you too Ez.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I told Eden that you were turning 49 she said, "No, not 49! Maybe 39, but NOT 49!" I cracked up and told her to tell Mum 'cause she'd love her forever after. Looks like Ezra beat her though!