Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All the Happenings--

Here are some photos from today's Saipan Tribune.

T-BONE RULES: Members of Team Bumblebee and Team T-Bone, composed of boys between the ages 8-10, pose for the camera after the first ever cubmobile race on Saipan Saturday. Team T-Bone had the fastest time and won trophies. Team Bumblebee was given rubber snakes as consolation prizes. (Contributed Photo)

SCROOGE'S STOOGES: Scrooge's stooges Harold (Jacob Conner), Richard (Sam Conner) and Thomas (Tommy Baik) perform as Scrooge (Leo Goode, Jr.) and Christmas present (Bree Reynolds) look on during the Friends of the Arts' second production of the much-loved Christmas musical Scrooge at the Charley's Cabaret of the Pacific Islands Club. (Jacqueline Hernandez)


Tikla said...

Wow! I'm missing out! :) I've been hearing all kinds of things from my mom and tori about "scrooges stooges" Big smiles you all of you!

P.S. you don't know if anyone recorded it do you?

Selena said...

Wow! What a famous family! Making headlines and everything!