Thursday, April 17, 2008

State of The Commonwealth

We went to the movies tonight. All of us. In fact pretty much the whole island community. The occasion? Closing night. Tomorrow the movie theater will close. Maybe for 30 days or maybe for good. The Tribune said the theater was due to "inexplicably shut down." We had a laugh about that. The Variety said "insurmountable utilities cost" and just generally the poor economy here on Saipan. That's pretty much what we all figured.

There may not be any school tomorrow. There may not be any power tomorrow. The public utility was unable to pay for enough fuel to last until the next scheduled delivery and they expect to run out tomorrow. Of course, with nobody having any power that they have to pay for this could become a never-ending cycle. Will they ever have enough money to supply the whole island again? Case wrote a report for the hospital detailing the foreseeable problems that would be caused by an extended power outage. The big problem will be water, which is a problem here even on good days. Cholera (among other things) may take a little jump, but hey, at least we won't freeze to death.

And the governor has postponed his State of The Commonwealth address until May 3. Why bother?


Justin said...

Wow, that's crazy. We sure take things for granted here in the States. Last summer the city had a well go down and we couldn't water our lawns for a month. We still had it from the tap, just not outside, but that's about as bad as it gets here, and yet it still causes complaints.

Anonymous said...

Time to move on back.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ave. I don't see why you would want to stay there. Screw taking things for granted in the US. Go where you can be fairly certain your kids wont die of leptospirosis or cholera or any other 19th century disease.