Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And in The End...

...I got the blueberries (see below).

...I didn't get out to the beach, but the kids did.

...I didn't get to go to a movie downtown, but I did get to play Scrabble with Mom and Hope and Steve. I can go to the movies anytime.

...Jake got his blessing.

...Mom, Kait, Ez, Eden, and I went shopping on Monday until I couldn't stand it anymore! I'm not really much of a shopper.

...The trees are changing in the marshy areas. The ones on the roadside are getting that yellowish cast to them. They'll be really incredible in a few more weeks.
...I bought some new apples at the grocery store--a hybrid variety called JonaMacs. They were good. Mom bought some Duchess from an orchard. The orchards look like they're loaded!

...Hope and I are now thoroughly sealed to our parents. I don't know the words to express how I feel about it, so I won't.

...I took the kids to the fair (again, see below).
It's hard to leave--again.


Mike & Mal said...

Congrats on what you accomplished. The rest can wait for next time. Maine's not going anywhere. (And certainly not Dover-Foxcroft!) I hope you guys all arrive in Saipan safe and sound.

Maine Mom said...

Your family did a lot during this trip! I'm glad we got to see you. :-)

I hope your trip home goes well.