Friday, February 20, 2009

Do You Facebook?

Have you ever been looking over the feeds on your Facebook home page, clicked on the thumbnail photo of a friend and suddenly realized that you have access to someone's Facebook that you've never met? It happens--what I didn't realize when it happened to me is that although the photo I was clicking on was of my friend, it had been posted by a friend of theirs that I didn't even know. By clicking on it I had access to all of the photos and all of the comments on photos in that album. Hmmm...
So I happened to be checking out the news on today and here's an article on "10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know." Good information on using features that I didn't even know existed (no great revelation--I'm not exactly an internet pro).


Ave said...

I didn't realize that jw hadn't set my pictures to view friends only, and I had a creelpy stalker like guy from high school comment on my pictures, I changed them that day.

yesweareonmars said...

I never fill in the personal info. My family and friends already know my political views or religion.
I also check M's hyves profile on a regular basis. Things like her school's name sneek in.

Still, privacy is quickly disappearing. Everything is now in a computer. Bank records, IRS records, hospital records, school records, church records...its a wonder anyone has any privacy.