Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Wagon--An Update

Remember the personal pledge not to eat junk foods or sweets for 6 months? Well, I'm about at the half-way point (or will be as of June 27), so I thought it was about time for a little report on my progress and findings.

What I have found is that I seem to have better control over my eating, which makes sense because I've heard that sugar can actually stimulate appetite. Of course, I haven't given up all sugar, just sweets and junk, but still I'm sure that it cuts my sugar intake significantly (I definitely have a sweet tooth!) At first, I think I was eating a little more, but it was easy to stop and I pay attention to portion control.

Another thing I found is a sense of freedom. That probably sounds weird, but it's true. It feels good not to think about what I can eat or can't eat. That decision has already been made and I don't think about or consider it at all anymore. Everything else--anything that doesn't fall into the categories of sweets or junk--is available. At first it was like, well, okay, what constitutes "junk food"? For me, it's chips, soda, candy, and that kind of thing. Mega empty calories.

I think I have a better disposition. I think. I probably should ask the kids, but just in case they disagree we'll just go with that.

It probably goes without saying that I'm eating a lot better--I have a tendency to grab something to eat on the run, but now it's almost always fruit--an apple, grapes, whatever. Or a piece of cheese. Or a handful of nuts. It's so much better than a couple of cookies, or one of the donuts I bought for my class, etc.

And here's the kicker--7 lbs. down with no increase in activity. Oh yeah.


Lucy said...

I was wondering how that was going--very well it seems! Congratulations!

celtishbee said...

Good for you, ML. Yes, a little sugar was used as an appetite stimulant in the 17th-18th centuries.

Dave Thurston said...

Stumbled on your blog via your Mormon friend and family - put it in my RSS reader as I was hired to do manage the construction of the new dump and transfer station on Saipan in 2002 - until the government decided to do it on-island.

Back on topic - doing the no-junk food thing kind of reminds me of putting a budget together, spending less, but feeling freedom and (well) richer - a big irony there.

It'll be interesting to see if you stay on your quest after six months (and if I stay on my budget after everything is paid off).

Mallory said...

Don't remind me of budgets. That's depressing. It seems like no matter how much I say, "not this month, not this month" something else takes it's place and we still end up spending more than planned for this month.

Anyway, good job, Mum! 7 lbs! That's pretty dang good for not actually doing more. Hmmmm... maybe I'll just keep this in mind as a baby-weightloss program option. (No jokes about "what baby weight?" I may not weigh much, but it will still be more than I'm supposed to weigh.) Like I said, good job! I'm glad you're feeling freer... and you can leave asking the kids to me. :)

yesweareonmars said...

I was also wondering how you were doing. Good job. I don't like sweeets myself but I know it can be hard for some to kick it. ^;^