Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Baking

Sunday afternoon and baking just go together, don't they? I remember my mother telling me that she loved to cook--just not meals (and I'm sure when she said "cook" she meant "bake"). I think I've inherited her attitude. I like leisure baking, not duty cooking. Mallory said lately "cooking therapy" and that's what it's like. It's in-home therapy--creative, goodly, cozy, productive, even philanthropic (hahaha!)--all those things that make me feel like for a little while the world is all right.


Mal said...

Yes, ma'am they do. Mike just looked at your blog and said, "So, Mal, what're you gonna make today." The only problem is we don't have eight kids at home who will eat it all.

Anonymous said...

That's true. I also hate cooking but baking something on a Sunday afternoon with my baking music on is relaxing. The smell and sounds are so cozy.