Thursday, April 07, 2011

Time for a Change

Here's the thing...we've lived here 10 years.  When we first came the landlord had these blue/white/pinky drapes that I didn't want because 1- they were blue/white/pinky, and 2- because of this:

which is The View from the living room
 and the dining room. 

I didn't want to cover up The View!  However, I also had the noise.  Oh, the noise, noise, noise!  Marble-tiled floors, concrete walls--aye-yi-yi! 

 I've stood it for 10 years, but now as our house settles into less kids and more contemplation (?!) I want a more muted sound.  A year or so ago we got a bigger area rug for the living room and I think we're just about ready for a rug under the dining table (no more spilled jars of pickles, etc.), but I just don't know what to do about the windows. At one time I did put up some curtains and when I think about those curtains now--they were gross.   Maybe I've just gone so long with naked windows that I can't picture them with clothes.

I'm open to suggestions...  


Anonymous said...

Maybe some gauzy ones that let in the light and the view but give some privacy

This is Rhiannon

ML said...

Privacy isn't an issue where we are, but I like the idea of letting in lots of light.

Mal said...

UGH! I just left a massive comment and it didn't GO THROUGH!!! Aggghhhhhh...that is annoying!

Let's try this again: I would put up a valance--box style maybe?--that reached from the bottom of those top rectangles (which are hideous--why did they do those?) to the ceiling, but that reached out about six inches wider than the window on either side. Then I would hang simple curtains that only covered those eight inches and just touched the edge of the window and reached all the way to the floor. Then not only would you keep the view and eliminate the noise some but you'd make your windows seem even larger and cover up those top rectangles. I wouldn't use gauzy ones for it personally, but definitely something light--the focus should stay on the view.

Mal said...

Or a slightly shorter valance if it seemed too large vs. the width of the curtains. Does that make sense? It's hard to tell in the pictures, and it's been so long since I've seen them in real life.

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