Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Morning

I love getting up early and Sundays are my favorite.  Right now the house is clean and quiet--Casey and Sam have left for PEC (Casey's in the bishopric and Sam is ward mission leader).  I really crack the whip on Saturday nights.  No dishes are to remain undone, the trash is out, a quick vacuum and general straightening up, we toss a cloth on the table and "that's how we get ready for Sun-day".  Ahhhh.

Eden and Ezra are still finishing up their courses from the online school they did this last year.  They are going to be going back to school downtown for this next year--it's called Saipan American Education Foundation (SAEF School).  I went in to visit the other day to see what improvements they had made and I'm satisfied with what's going on there.  I really like and respect the head teacher and a lady we know from church is going to be Eden's 6th grade teacher, so she was happy about that.  Ezra was just called as Deacon's Quorum President last week. Eden found out that since her birthday is the same month they have Girl's Camp (August) she gets to go!  My last Primary kid is on her way up!

Sam was thinking about going out to Utah to do his Assoc. of Lib. Arts at LDS Business College because they have one geared specifically to transfer into a 4 year degree, but he's decided to do this semester here and then think about transferring in December.  He only has 21 credits right now and he would have to start as a new freshman, but if he has 24 he can go in as a transfer student, so since he's so close to that I think that's probably what he'll do.

Kaitlyn and I leave in just 3 days for the States!  We're excited!  Three of the boys from here just got back from attending EFY in Utah and had a great time.  I think she's going to love it.  The only part I don't love is that we'll be gone for a month and I miss Casey and the kids already.  I love that I'm going to get to visit with the Browns and maybe get to see other friends while I'm there.  I also get to attend Dickon's wedding at the Boston temple and their reception.  I might go to my 35th (!!!) high school reunion even.  The best thing of all is that I'll get to check up on all of my Stateside kids.  It's going to be a good trip.

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