Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Birthday Tribute

We're in the preparations for my love's birthday dinner--steak, local sweet potatoes, and the obligatory something green (hmmm).  A super-fantastic looking cheesecake is ripening in the fridge readying for the multiple toppings we'll try on it (he couldn't decide which he wanted).  He has been playing with a rich, dark chocolate homemade ice cream recipe this morning--the batter is chilling as we speak.

I asked family member to send in any funny stories or good memories that they wanted to share:  Jacob had memories of "The Red-Headed Babe and The Pencil-Necked Geek," Alexa shared her appreciation for one-on-one time which included a glider ride over Mount Desert Island during peak colors one October, and Lee's email revealed of one of his lesser-known talents:
Did he tell you the one where he told me he could flush himself down the toilet? I was little and thought he was pulling my leg but when I went up the stairs following him he would come up behind me from down stairs. He was really going out Mom's window and jumping off the porch roof. Being young I couldn't believe someone could jump that far so flushing himself down the toilet seemed logical.
I love that last sentence! Hahaha!  I got such a kick out of the look on Casey's face when we read that one!

Here's a "card" that we want to share:
  I love the sweet reassurance she adds at the end. :)
Happy birthday Case!


Mal said...

"Obligatory something green?" When did green become obligatory with Dad's birthday? Or is it an attempt to make him feel young by associating his AGING-NESS with rejuvenation?

That story by Aletha is awesome.

ML said...

It's an attempt to make sure we have a green vegetable on the dinner plate.