Sunday, March 13, 2005

All The Things I Never Thought of before, I Learned in Saipan

  • Green coconuts are better than brown coconuts.
  • Not all halls have walls.
  • A banana is the berry of an herb.
  • Just about anything can be pickled.
  • All Americans are wealthy and have it easy.
  • Lips can be used as pointers.
  • There are Filipenos, Filipenas, and Filipenonas.
  • A beautiful face can be ruined by a smile.
  • A baby's sex can be decided after birth.
  • People who speak other languages don't understand their own countrymen's accented English any better than I do.
  • You don't have to know someone--at all--to marry them.
  • A sniff is as good as a kiss.
  • Many young Japanese have orange hair.
  • There are male cows.
  • Dogs can tell if you've ever eaten one.
  • Cattle rustling is alive and well.
  • In the Atlantic-a hurricane; in the Pacific-a typhoon; in the Indian-a cyclone.
  • Typhoons come from the east, tsunamis from the west.
  • Some places only have two seasons: hotter and cooler.


Rylin said...

Hmm, yes mom there was a certain grip I thought I had on certain ideas before I moved to Saipan. I guess sometimes experience is the only real reason we dont know everything.

Anonymous said...

I think, Mum, that you mean to say "Hot and hotter". But I get what you mean. Here's one: It is very important that you show respect to everyone except your peers, teachers, cousins, and siblings.