Sunday, March 20, 2005

An Ezra-ism

An excerpt from a letter Casey sent to Levi and Alexa:

We were at the dinner table tonight and the conversation turned to some comments on your Great-Great-Grandfather Higgins (your Great-Grammy Boone's father). Your mother was telling the family how his wife had died in childbirth and he had gone on to raise 9 kids on his own. Kaitlyn asked how he could raise a baby if there was no mother to feed it; Ezra asked about how babies eat. "I've never seen a baby eat. How do they eat Mom?" Mallory answered that the mother feeds them with her milk. He looked confused and then Mom said that the mother holds the baby like this (as she cradled her arms across herself). Ezra said "So how does the baby eat?" Mom said, "From the mother's breast." Ezra stopped for a moment and then sat upright and looked across the table at Mallory while placing his hands on his chest and with raised eyebrows says "These?" "Yeah" I said. "Look Ez, after a woman has a baby, her breast makes milk that comes out of her nipples and the baby drinks it." Then Ezra turned and looked straight at mom's chest for a few moments with a slightly surprised look on his face. It was so funny we couldn't help but laugh, which rarely bothers Ezra. He is a funny little guy.

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