Sunday, October 09, 2005

Saints and Soldiers

I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago and was very moved. It's evidently based on the real life experience of a small group of U.S. soldiers in Belgium during WWII who come upon an ally with critical intelligence that they need to get to command asap--the problem is, they're stranded behind enemy lines. One of the scenes in the movie sticks in my mind as an excellent example of the individual ways in which we interpret our life's experiences. Similar, in fact nearly identical, events can be realized in such completely different ways from one person to the next. This movie also made me think a lot about how dependent we are on one another and how much we influence and are influenced by each other--we truly are brothers and sisters.

"Saints and Soldiers" is very well done; I highly recommend it. (I would not recommend it for the under PG13 crowd unless a parent has seen it first to make that determination.) You can find more information on the movie at

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