Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cub Scouts

We have the most fun Cub Scout Pack and I'm so happy that Ezra is in it now--he's really loving it!

Tonight was the annual cake bake and auction. The boys and their dads or other helpers--it can be anyone, but "no girls"--design and decorate a cake according to the theme. This year's theme was "Games". The creations are really fun and it's amazing what these guys come up with when you consider that everything on the cake must be edible. There was a peanut butter hand (edible play-dough) slam dunking a basketball through the hoop, a tennis racket with a perfectly round tennis ball on it, the winning goal of a U of Texas/SCU football game, Lake Placid, The Lord of the Rings, the computer game Warcraft: The Frozen Throne, and even a game of checkers.

A funny thing that happened was when it came time to auction off the Grand Prize Winner, the cubmaster asked Ezra to describe his cake, what was on it, what flavor, etc. There was an offer of $25 before he even began the description! Ezra jumped up to the front and as he told about the cake his finger touched the frosting, so he took a quick lick. The room just fell apart--he kept right on talking! We were laughing so hard and the lady who had bid the $25 said, "Well, maybe I'll go with $15!" After that the bidding war began, but Casey won out and bought the cake.

Aren't parents the best? Who else would take off half a day of work, help a kid bake a cake, go to the store and spend a small fortune buying every candy and cookie they think might be a good decoration and happily pay $35 for the privilege of taking the self-same cake back home at the end of the night? It was a blast!


Selena said...

Congratulations! How exciting!
Levi guessed the theme of his cake before I even told him. I just told him that the theme was "Games" and asked him what he thought Ezra's cake was and he said without hesitation: "Warcraft."
Hope the cake tasted as good as it looked! (I'm sure it did!)

Auntie Lee said...

Ya Ya Casey may be a nice dad but the question is, did he let anybody else eat it when he got home or did he just quietly sneek of into another room with the cake?

Calandria said...

Congratulations, Ezra! I don't know what Warcraft is, but that cake is quite something.