Friday, April 07, 2006

Family News

Our "family" computer crashed and we had to buy a new hard drive...groan..., but we're back in business now.

The big news in our house this week is that Casey (actually Conner, Inc.), has been hired to direct the Lieutenant Governor's Water Task Force. Of course as he comes on the scene the water utility here on island is in extreme crisis mode. They are on the verge of being taken over by the Department of Justice (like the one in Guam was) because of EPA violations, so he'll have to be a magician to save this one. But hey, he's made magic work before, so we'll see what happens. If he can pull it off he'll be a hero at least to the local government which is pretty much a step or two from being taken over by the feds on a regular basis! After that little trick the goal is island-wide potable (or not) water 24/7.

One other news item about my honey--he's started playing drums again! Oh yeah. A couple of the girls in my Seminary class play for the Pacific Winds, a community concert band here on island, and they heard that "Brother Conner" used to be a drummer. Evidently whoever was playing drums for the band left so they were in a spot. He was afraid he would embarrass himself because he hasn't played in almost 20 years (I can hardly believe I just wrote that considering what an important part of our life his drumming was back then!) But he went to rehearsal this week for the first time and wowed them. ;) I think it was a lot of fun for him and we got to go to the Street Market last night and here them play. I realized that this was the first time that any of our kids had actually seen him play!! That seems incredible to me!

Sam is our newest licensed driver in this house. Coming back from class the first time that he drove the van completely alone he said that now he realizes how far he is above those "peons" who do not have their license--he obviously does not yet realize that "family chauffeur" is largely a grunt job. Ahh, well, let him have his moment...


Lee said...

How cool for both Casey and Sam. Who knows what Casey can do, after all, he has more experience than Joseph did in Egypt, and he ended up running the country.
Job Sam, I think Paris will be jealous. He has to wait untill he is 18 and come up with a bag of money.

Calandria said...

It's always nice to hear Conner news. Congrats to Casey and Sam. Good luck to both!

Mallory said...

I wish I was there to hear you play, Dad.