Friday, April 14, 2006

A Little Delusion

Ahhhhh...a quiet moment. What to do, what to do.... Casey just took off with Sam and Ezra to run Sam up to a Boy Scout campout and pick up a friend to come over and play with Ez for a while. Alexa is taking a nap. Kait and Eden have friends over also and are outside playing something; when the older kids were their age it was always Roxaboxen and I think this playing is similar but with a different title. Jacob is upstairs reading--he's grounded until tomorrow morning, so no campout for him.

Okay! That was a nice, quick breather. In the time it took me to write that paragraph Mal has come online and now I'm chatting with her. I then turned around and realized that the room behind me looks like a typhoon went through. The girls and their friends have come inside and started a video and Eden is popping popcorn for them. I just glanced at my watch found that it's time for me to get upstairs and make pizza for all the kids who are going to be here tonight!!! What was I thinking?!!!!


Anonymous said...

time flies when you're chillin'. but it's always nice when you get a second.

Calandria said...

Hahahaha! How DARE you think you had a moment to spare!

I didn't discover Roxaboxen until a few years ago. I would have LOVED to play that as a kid. My children play their own version. Look what I just found:

This park is in Yuma, where Jorge's sister lives. He was just there visiting her. I should have had him take a picture!