Saturday, June 17, 2006

At the Movies

I went to two movies this week, one with Alexa and one with Case, and both of them were a waste of time and money. The first one was "The Break Up" and the other was "Poseidon." Terrible both of them. "The Break Up" was a pathetic and unfortunately, true-to-life account of a fictional relationship break-up. The fighting, yelling, selfishness, and pride depicted in the movie depressed me and I found it agonizing to sit through. If I had been with my hubby we would have walked out. I have a pretty simplistic view of movies--if it's real life I want to be inspired. Otherwise, I just want to be entertained. This movie did neither.

I guess with "Poseidon" I just wasn't paying attention--I was focused on a night out instead of what we were going to see, which we decided on the way. About 5 minutes into the movie I remembered that I really hate disaster movies. I have seen some that were tolerable, but this one was poorly done and it reaffirmed my dislike of the genre.

HOWEVER, just when I was thinking that maybe I'd take a hiatus from movies (which is saying something here on island considering there isn't a whole lot to do), in hopes that if I gave it some time one or two films really worth seeing would show up, something really amazing happened.

I rented a movie for us to watch last night and found out after I got home that they had given me the wrong movie. It was too late to take it back, so, a little irritatedly, I sat down with my older children and husband to watch it. The title is "End of The Spear" and if I could only recommend one movie as a "must see" from all the ones I've ever seen in my entire life, this would very likely be it. It's a true story about missionaries in the Amazon Basin; it's a story of sacrifice and forgiveness (remember my criteria for real-life stories?) We don't buy many movies, but we're going to buy this one. I would say more, but it would get redundant and still wouldn't do it justice. It made me want to be a better person...a much, much better person....


Calandria said...

We're in to bio pics lately, it seems. We saw Aviator last week and Walk the Line this week. Aviator was so-so. I really liked Walk the Line. Have you seen Ray? Walk the Line is much like Ray, but not as sad. The music in both of those is great.

Thanks for reminding me that I want to see End of the Spear. I remember when it came out thinking it seemed like a good one.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it. Sounds good. I think that Poseidon was alright. I mean, I wouldn't go see it again, and I'm not a big fan of disaster flicks either, but I've seen the old Poseidon, and the new Poseidon and both are, ya know, alright.

Let's see, real life movies I think are inspiring: Cinderella Man!!! Uhhhh... Maybe I'll just put this list on my blog. Later!

Selena said...

Oh goodness. Just the previews of Poseidon give me the chills... keep in mind where I'm living too... a ship turning over and sinking? I won't be able to watch that for a few months now... haha

Auntie Lee said...

Paris went to see Walk the Line and liked it a lot. He liked the film and the music.
I agree with ML on the disaster movie thing. The problem with disaster movies is that they are so extremely predictable. Paris rented one a few weeks ago (I can't remember which) and said that I should really see it. I said let me guess and told him the entire movie without seeing it. He was surprised, but really, I wasn't. Although it may be depressing it would be refreshing if for once at the end everyone in the world would die in a disaster movie. At least it would be different and more unpredictable compared to the rot anyone has made so far.