Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!


Auntie Lee said...

Cute, the cake is pretty.

Auntie Lee said...

Geez Sam, it looks like your cheeks will hurt tomorrow.

Calandria said...

Yum! Nice cake! And the birthday girl is such a babe.

Mallory said...

What I love most is that everyone has commented on the cake, but CHECK OUT THOSE EXPRESSIONS! Let me give an over-view.

Sam-Jack Nicholson as the Joker.
Kait-a little bit possessed.
Ede-like a 6-year-old, blond, female version of every Donnie Darko pic or poster I've ever seen.

ML said...

And Mally M.I.A.!!! Missing in action Miss Mally forgoooot!! You forgot and you can't hide the truth! Yo-ho-ho;)!!

Selena said...

Awww! Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great day!