Friday, June 20, 2008

The Waiting Game



Mallory said...

It's a pretty blue-eyed boy ya got there, Mum. Sometimes I wish mine would make up their mind, just so they'd be true-... something, instead of mud.

And a good posed-smile to boot! Look at him go! A boy after my own heart!

Calandria said...

What a handsome guy!!

Good luck on your call, Sam!

Maine Mom said...

Hey Marilou, it's Joey Erickson here. Mallory mentioned on Sunday that you had posted Sam's mission picture on your blog and I immediately got your blog address. Is Sam really old enough to be waiting for his mission call?!
We are so glad that Mallory is visiting our branch this summer and we look forward to meeting her fiance. He is one blessed man to get to spend eternity with Mallory!

Mallory said...

Aww, Joey, stop it. I'm blushing here. I mean, it may be true but still!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sambo-Rambo. Too cute. I can't wait to see you guys. Lot's legs are like Kait's were, round and chubby, I'm looking forward to showing off my little soophisticated gentleman.

Mum & Dad said...

Sam is a perfect blend of you and Casey. We'll be anxious to hear where he's called to serve!