Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Mallory & Michael's open house was very nice--Brother Pratt (he used to live in Ellsworth) was there as well as Elder Arnold and his family, Joe , my cousins Justin and Eric and their families, one of my former Seminary students, Julia and her husband, the Willden's, and Sister Knickerbocker's parents came because she couldn't make it. We went to Spanish Fork and picked up Moses so he could come. Mallory and Michael have posted some pictures that were taken at the Maine reception on their blog at www.mikeandmal.blogspot.com.

The day before the open house we toured around Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We went to the Conference Center--WOW! What a place! It's huuuuge, but very beautiful. On Friday we spent much of the day in Provo walking around BYU and on the way home we stopped and had a very nice visit with some friends that Casey used to play in a band with when we lived here.

On Saturday we helped Michael and Mal move their wedding gifts and other things into their apartment in Idaho. We set up and made the bed and got a shower curtain and some towels up in the bathroom so that when they get back from their honeymoon they'll be able to at least have a place to sleep and get clean. The rest of the apartment is filled with boxes and stuff, so they still have a lot of work to do there.

It's been a lot of traveling around from here to where the open house was held (1 hour both ways) and from here to Idaho (4 hours both ways), so we were happy to stay here yesterday and just go to church and rest. I've been having a great time watching Veronica cook--she should have her own show on the cooking channel!

It's been wonderful being in Utah after all these years. It's so great here--the scenery is spectacular. So many amazing places in the world and all so different. I think our spirits thrive on variety as well as beauty and I'm happy to be able to enjoy as much of this earth as I have. Tomorrow it's back to beautiful New England!


Justin said...

It was great to see you guys. You both look great. Mallory looks like she couldn't be happier.

Mallory said...

I'm glad you and Dad were able to go around and tour some between all the madness. It was just amazing of Jeff and Vero to bring you out here.