Friday, August 22, 2008

Got the Blueberries!

Check. They're not only delicious (and soooo much better than the big cultivated kind you find in the stores), but blueberries are without a doubt the most beautiful of the berry plants. In the spring they flower and even when the berries have gone by the leaves turn a beautiful red to end out the summer. Every time I lift a stem laden with plump, juicy berries I want to break it off and take it home just like that. So pretty.

Today we picked over at Blinn's, friends of ours in Brownville. Even being as far into August as we are the picking was incredible. It took us just over an hour to hand-pick 5 1/2 quarts!

Fall is coming--the sky seems to be getting clearer and clearer by the day as the humidity of mid-summer evaporates. My favorite time of year in Maine. Beautiful.

(Blueberry barrens in the Fall)


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love the look of blueberries year-round. I think Grammy Haskins has gotten Mike hooked on blueberries. Since we've been here we've bought cereal (Wheaties for him) and blueberries every time we've arrived in a new place. And, time and time again, he's said things like, "Okay, wherever we end up after school, they've got to have berries," or "what other kinds of berries do they have in Maine?" (Not that he's ever interested in buying another kind of berry for our cereal.)

Maine Mom said...

There are a few blueberry plants at our local library that the kids love to check on and pick from when they are ripe.
I'm glad you got your blueberries!