Monday, November 10, 2008

Elder Conner

Well, he's off! Sam went into the MTC on October 15th, had a wonderful experience there, and is now serving in Hawaii. We received an email from his mission president telling us he had arrived safely and is with his first companion in his first area, but they didn't tell us where that was! So he's somewhere on either one of the Hawaiian Islands, Johnston Atoll, or Midway Island. Somewhere. Oh well, I'm sure we'll hear soon enough.
Sam intended to get his hair cut before he left Saipan, but when we got home from Maine he found out that the barber that he usually went to had gone out of business, so he and Casey just decided they would have it cut in Utah before he went into the MTC. They never did and he went in with long(ish) hair. As you can see, that has been rectified!!


Maine Mom said...

Exciting! Elder Conner has a great start to his mission having been taught by parents who are great teachers and examples. :-)

Anonymous said...

Proud of you, Sam (I mean Elder Conner).

Anonymous said...

Did Alexa or Levi write that last comment and is just embarrassed about being so sentimental? Come on! Own up! You guys are so cute.

One thing's for sure: he's going to have a great mission. He seemed so stoked in his letter to us.

Anonymous said...

Those are nice mission picture. He looks good.