Monday, January 31, 2011

A Visitor

Well, we've had rare birds, monitor lizards, and of course gekkos, shrews, chameleons--rats (ew)--etc., come to visit, but this is a first for us here in Saipan anyway. This little brown pig came to visit on Sunday afternoon. Ezra caught it by the hind legs at first, but it kicked like crazy. He looked like he was trying to hold the handles of a souped-up rototiller trying to chop through rough ground! Hahaha!

Eden had a different, and more effective, method for making friends. I was surprised how calm Pepper (our dog) was around it. In front of the camera Piggy definitely turned out to be something of a...well...never mind. ;)


bob said...

im really excited to see that video!

ML said...

It's up on my FB page.