Monday, May 02, 2005

Excerpts from This Week's Family Letter

". . . Oh, you know how after the last time Dad cut Jacob's hair I vowed that if he ever did it again I'd call Youth Services? However, I do like to have him do Eden's hair, which he cuts in that really cute way that he used to cut Kaitlyn's--really short in the back, remember? Well, he was cutting her hair this weekend, and, well, little kids do tend to move. It was so bad that Dad just sat there for a while trying to get his breathing back to normal and figure out what he could do to fix the back of her hair. Eden kept saying, "Dad, cut. Dad, why don't you cut? Dad? Why don't you cut, Dad?" So now, from the front and sides, she has that really cute cut, but from the back her hair is a little shorter than Ezra's--good thing hair grows. . . ."

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