Sunday, May 08, 2005


Levi did it! He's a college graduate! Not only that, but he received a Program Director's award in Music Business Ethics (I'm not really sure of the title--something like that). We're so proud of him; he's called a couple of times this weekend to fill us in on the event. He says that he can't believe that he has a diploma sitting on his table! I am so glad that he has done this for himself, and also for the example that this leaves to the rest of our family.

One little glitch happened last Thursday night when he had a concert, the first one as the "Leave Calmer" band. I think he said that it was in the first song when he was accidently hit just above his eye with a guitar. Although he finished the show (it must go on, right?), he ended up afterward in the hospital for stitches. So, even though he didn't have anyone to cheer him on at graduation, which was the next afternoon, he for sure did not go unnoticed with the lei that we sent him and a head wound!

In the next day or two, Levi will be flying to Texas to drive with Alexa to Florida. Her last two finals are on Tuesday morning and I think they'll plan to leave that afternoon. She'll stay there--in Florida--a few days to visit with him, and then will drive to Maine to start work by May 22.

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a man from Saipan said...

That is great new. Let Levi know that I am happy for him. It is great that he finally got it done.

School is good, although it is better to have it done with.