Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

Casey's upstairs making banana bread. It smells like the holidays instead of the middle of the summer, but we've had so many bananas coming off the plants Casey's been cultivating in the jungle that we've got to use them faster. These are the nicest eating bananas--as opposed to "cooking" bananas--that we've had; they're as big as the ones in the store! They completely cover the small table (well, it seats six!) we have in the back of the kitchen.

We've had a nice Father's Day today. Levi called this morning before church and Alexa called after we got home. We haven't heard from Mallory, but she doesn't have as easy access to a phone or computer right now, so we'll probably hear from her tomorrow because she'll be at Grammie and Grampie Haskins for a family gathering. Our day here was quiet with no visitors or guests--just the family. We had a nice dinner complete with local watermelon--they're so good this year!--and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It's usually impossible to find fresh strawberries on island that aren't moldy and gross and $7.99 a pound, but amazingly enough there were good ones for about half that price this week so we had a real treat.

It's 10:45 P.M. here now which puts it at about 8:45 Sunday morning in Maine, so I guess I'll go call Dad and wish him a Happy Father's Day.

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Blink said...

Father's day in June feels so wierd, my sister and I agreed not to tell Dad because then he would make us celebrate it in June AND September =P. Happy father's day to all the Fathers though =).