Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer Camp

Sam and Jacob are enjoying the Summer Youth Bazaar camp they've been going to down at the junior high. Even Sam and especially Jake. The camp has an overnight program for the kids their age, so they decided they would stay tonight. (Kait's in the daycamp program at the same place.)

Jacob's been taking his guitar everyday and to listen to him talk it sounds like he is on the fast track to superstardom with the camp crowd. When I dropped them off this morning, I asked Sam if anyone had told Jake that he can't play the guitar yet. He said he didn't know, so I told him not to say anything because Jacob seems so happily ignorant of that fact. Sam just smiled.

Jacob says that he is having a hard time singing and playing at the same time. To illustrate the problem for any guitar-players out there, try forgetting everything you know about music and take your guitar and play bar chords (of course you don't know they're bar chords because you don't know what chords are) starting at the first or second fret and go down a few frets, then up a few frets all to the rhythm of the song, say, Blue Suede Shoes. Now try to sing along. Okay! That's the problem! Sam has a great ear and great feel for rhythm and zero passion; Jacob has tons of passion, but no ear. The great thing is your ear can be trained, so he'll learn. He'll learn because I'm signing him up for guitar lessons at the college starting in July.

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Blink said...

I'm not a guitarist, but I have been trying to learn. Tell Jake it's hard for everyone to sing and play at the same time, because essentially you are trying to do three things at once - sing, strum and hold the chords. Oh and "In music the passions enjoy themselves." ~Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886.

He'll be fine as long as his passion lasts. And I'm sure proper guitar lessons is better than me trying to learn stuff off the internet =P. My parents gave me a few lessons before I left, but I can't afford it right now.