Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve at The Conners

Every year I think that the kids will feel like they're too old and won't want to act out the Christmas story. This year I even decided to just have everyone read the different parts in kind of a reader's theater--I'm so glad that I was wrong. I'm the narrator because Casey has always been the donkey--well, since Mal's been gone anyway! This time I got laughing a little because in my peripheral vision I could see Alexa frantically signaling to the angel to get back up in the sky....We enjoy this tradition so much and an informal poll tells me that Christmas Eve is the favorite over Christmas Day (although they REALLY like the presents).

Before performing the Nativity, we have a simple, traditional candlelit dinner of oyster stew, fruit salad, homemade crescent rolls, and punch. After the play, we have pavlova and the kids sometimes watch a movie while we wrap the gifts that I have put off doing--pretty much all of them! This is the first year that I was unable to find pomegranates to decorate the pavlova and add to the fruit salad--ah well.

I probably write pretty much the same thing every year, but I love Christmas Eve--the world seems quiet and serene. It feels lovely.


Ave said...

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas! I have never made a pavlova that big, it looks delicious. I still remember a Christmas on Pine Street, when you made a yule log that was devine.

Anonymous said...

I remember making yule de noelle with Jess's aunt when we were taking French from her. (I think it was with her. Maybe it was just the Christmas WHILE we were taking French. It all runs together.)

Sorry about the pomegranets. I'm glad the kids acted out the nativity.

What is that over in the far corner, behind the tree?

ML said...

That's just that Chinese curio cabinet that used to be in the corner of the diningroom--I moved it last year. I leave the doors open so the things inside won't mildew and we hung a Santa hat on the door.

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture. Only 4 kids in the picture I see. Guee, how time flies.

I couldn't get my kids to do much of anything this year. They did however get into the right kind of spirit of gift giving and M made an ornament but that was it. P has a new camera so he took pictures all day but no singing and no playing out...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. Also, I don't see the elf yourself thing in your sidebar, which you told me was there. Or was it on Facebook? I'll check.

ML said...

Oh yeah--it's on Facebook. :)

Maine Mom said...

Christmas Eve is the favorite here, too. I love how your family acts out the Nativity every year. That is a great tradition.

I hope your Christmas was lovely, too. :-)