Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good People

Listening to the news and reading the paper, we sometimes forget that the world is full of them--and this one's from Maine! This came in an email from my cousin--it's worth reading.
Arlington�National Cemetery

Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.
Know the line has held, your job is done.
Rest easy, sleep well.
Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.
Peace, peace, and farewell...

Readers may be interested to know that these wreaths -- some 5,000 -- are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine . The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He's done this since 1992. A wonderful guy. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one the poorest parts of the state.


yesweareonmars said...

That's so cool. I never knew that, I just figured they were put in family cemetaries where a flag or star was placed on the 4th of July. I didn't know there was a seperate place.

Maine Mom said...

I've heard about this service before, but had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. It is nice to hear about the good people in the world. There are many around us!

yesweareonmars said...

A few years ago we had girls/boys camp in the Ardenne in Belgium. Part of the hike was to go from place to place where American soldiers either fought or were burried. There were a number of small cemetaries with U.S. graves along with other allies. It was very moving for everyone. Even the teens!