Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forgive Me My Debts

It was my father's rock-solid creed--DON'T SPEND MONEY YOU DON'T HAVE PERIOD THE END. But, at least in the U.S., it isn't that way. It's one thing to go into debt for a house or an education--it's quite another to go into debt for Christmas presents--ahem, ahem--or (out here where we live) christenings and birthday parties. The reality is that millions of Americans do it on a regular basis, and if they ever get out of the debt, many of them turn right around and do it again! And we blame the politicians, the media, the banks, the people who have big families, the town drunk, but please, please don't put this on our doorstep--oh no! And, oh yeah, would you hurry up and fix this bank thing so I can get on with the American dream--which USED to be that hard work and persistence equalled self-reliance, but NOW it's that I am "entitled" to whatever I decide I'm entitled to. (OK, I have to stop now because the cynical evil twin has taken over....)


yesweareonmars said...

That is so true. I've heard of people going into dept for a wedding but I also think that its the whole culture. Its not just individuals but banks and media are part of the whole dept culture. They also must take on their fair share of the blame. I remember getting 5 or 6 credit cards in the mail when I was a student from the banks and card companies. They knew I had no money but tried to persuade me to use credit. I got tons of junk mail trying to sell me that.
Also, in the past 20 years banks have been pressuring elderly people into taking mortgages on their already 'paid-off' homes. Some States have passed laws trying to stop this but banks are influential and got around the laws. Now these elderly people are loosing the homes they have paid-off and lived in for years because of a 6 or $7000- added mortgage that bankers have manipulated them into getting. It should be criminal. I find it revolting behavior and they should be held responsible.
Now that evil twin has also taken me over. I'm stopping now.

Maine Mom said...

The "don't spend money you don't have period the end" I have learned, but unfortunately after getting into debt. I refuse to go into debt this Christmas, which means there will be fewer presents under the tree. I know this will be hard for the children, but I hope they will be understanding and find Joy in what they do receive, being together as a family, and focusing on the Savior...the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

I will raise our children on the hard work and persistence equals self-reliance thinking. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kids don't really care how much you spend on them for Christmas, they just like a little something to open. I know JW and I will have some debt when he gets out of school. I would add that it is ok to go into debt over a car, when you have young children that can't walk over 2 miles. I insist on having a decent and reliable car.